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Master List

Indulge yourself in all the fluff you need about SHINee, including minkey, 2min, jongyu and the list continues. Enjoy!

It's A Fanfic After All
in which fanfictions played a part to make minkey a reality.

Never Speak Too Soon (Chapter 1-16) *AFF*
Where Key & Minho learn to never speak too soon

Mark That Date *AFF*
Minho marks 14th February with a heart and Key gets curious.

Love Complicates Everything (The Alternate Universe series)
Choi Minho is on an exchange programme in London and ends up with Kim Kibum as his roommate... and they become something more than that. Not just friends but friends with benefits... and the situation gets sticky.

When It Boils Down To One Reason
The reason why Choi Minho wants to be in the 91 line is the very reason why Kim Kibum doesn't include him in.

Chanced Upon Love
When the paths of Minho and Key cross because there's always a possibility that exists no matter how small.

Like Cats On Hot Bricks
Because it’s finally time for Minho to meet Key’s mother. Otherwise known as Meeting Mrs Kim.

Barely Even Friends
Is it possible to stop loving someone? It was a question Choi Minho never thought about until Kim Kibum came back into his life.

Just Us, Together, Tonight
in which Minho comes home to spend the night with Kibum.

Of Heart Flips & Stolen Moments
Because a number of things can happen backstage as Key and Minho take a walk back towards their dressing room.

No Need For Wishes
Where Minho shows how important he is on Kibum's birthday.

Year after Year, Hand in Hand
Starting his own family was number one on Kim Kibum's to do list in life but would that be possible if he could only see himself with Choi Minho?

When Losing isn't an Option
It could be the smallest things that lead to the biggest arguments which could break Minho and Kibum up but eventually, amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all.

Solid As A Rock, Perfect In Every Way
Because when Minho and Key are alone in London, things are bound to happen.

Let's Hit That High
Three words. Post Concert Sex.

Get Down (I'll Show You What I Got)
When two can play at that game and nobody wants to admit defeat, the unexpected happens.

Now Brewing (originally titled In A Split Second)
It only takes a split second to bring about the start of something new, and like all clichés, it happens at a coffee place.

Keep Calm and Find Key
When Minho returns back to the dorm after leaving Idol Star Athletics Championship injured.

Baby, It's Simple
When Kibum returns back to the dorm after completing his final stage for Catch Me If You Can

An Ambiguous Affair (Chapter 1-26) *AFF*
There's only a fine line between business and pleasure, and Minho and Key have crossed it too many times.

I Know You Like It Like That
Based on minkey's wonderful day; where Minho unknowingly solves his problem with Kibum

The Joke's On You
When neither Key nor Minho knows who has the upper hand anymore.

Payback is Sweet
It was still a mystery to who had the upper hand in their relationship.

Coming Out Top
This is the fun Minho and Key had in mind.

Oh, It's What You Do To Me
And then he knew, even if he wanted to avoid it, it was too late.

Let's Play Catch Up
Minho has his way to catch up with his competition; even if his competition is a non living thing.

What's Hate Without Love?
In which Minho brings out the worst in Kibum.

Nagging Gets You Nowhere
The one time Minho nags too much and infuriates 3/5 of shinee, particularly Kim Kibum.

A Different Kind Of Caffeine
In which Kibum is extremely sleepy and Minho is there for him.

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
Because Kibum is too cute and Minho can't help himself.

That Winning Moment
In which Kibum is there for Minho after their loss in Dream Team.

Check Out
In which Minho learns about the benefits of shopping as it leads him to a special someone.

Of Sharing and Keeping Secrets
There's a reason why Minho helped Kibum stay secretive

Perhaps, Maybe, But No
In which Kibum wonders if Minho is right where he should be.

Tracing Tears
Kibum cries for a reason, and it's his secret to keep.

The Trick is to Stay Calm
In which Kibum brings out the green eyed monster.

願い Note
In which Minho gives Kibum a present everyone could only wish for.

Not The First But The Last
Sometimes in life, Minho realises, it's good to be last.

Beating The Odds
Because for Minho and Key, Love is ... worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.

"Keep it simple, stupid" is what leads to SHINee playing Truth or Dare.

When Words Don't Matter
Kim Kibum wonders if it’s necessary to define his relationship with Choi Minho.

A Score To Settle
In which both Key and Minho are petty minded people

The Only Constant
A philosopher once said that change is the only constant but Kim Kibum disagreed.

Bittersweet Anticipation
Minho has waited long for this moment where he has Kibum right where he wants him, but things don't turn out the way it should.. or maybe it will.

Light Up
Kim Kibum's life lights up in more ways than one when he meets a certain handyman.

Royally Yours
In which Minho is of royal blood and Kibum is the pilot for the royal family.

Accidental Intentions
In which Minho wants to be angry at Kibum but fails.

Of Pillow Talk And More
In which Minho and Key reach a new high thanks to a self-help book.

Mischievous Fingers
In which Minho fantasizes and Kibum doesn't.

A Close Shave
In which Minho realises Kibum is full of surprises even after so many years.

Between Fiction And Reality
In which Minho imagines the possibilities of how he and Kibum could meet.

A Matter Of Timing
It's Kibum's fault Minho's 22nd birthday went a little like this.

A Chance At Long Distance
In which Kibum and Minho get a taste of a long distance relationship.

Baby, It's Me
In which Minho reminds Kibum who he has as a boyfriend.

Five Steps Closer *AFF*
in which Minho brings Kibum back home to Incheon.

A Game Of Two Halves
In which Kibum tries playing soccer under the guidance of Minho.

Here, Every Step Of The Way
In which Kibum gives up but Minho still believes in him.

Round Round Here We Go
In which Kibum only dares to sit one ride at the amusement park but that's more than enough.

Tips For Dating An Actor
In which Kibum lists out 5 tips for dating someone like Minho.

Fear Less, Love More
In which Minho and Kibum have to deal with getting caught by Kibum's parents.

When Cupid Strikes
In which Kibum finds himself working at an udon restaurant on Valentine's Day.

There He Goes Again
In which Kibum realises his mind has been occupied by the same person all along.

Between Us Two
Kibum tries not to be awkward with Minho when they're alone in the dorm.

Two Hearts, But Yours is Mine
Minho makes sure Kibum knows he has his support.

The J Word
In which Minho gets a taste of a jealous Kibum.

A Matter Of Self-Control
In which Kibum puts Minho's self-control to the test.

Goodbyes Are Never Easy
In which Kibum doesn't like that Minho has to miss yet another group schedule.

Facts and Opinions
Kibum thinks his relationship with Minho is at a standstill but Minho begs to differ.

Would You Like To Kiss Me?
Kibum thinks a kiss will not change anything between best friends but he isn't always right.

Reasons To Be Happy
a midnight stroll through the beach reminds Kibum of how blessed he is.

All Riled Up
in which Minho gets mad... jealous.

Warm and Fuzzy
Kibum finds out that getting stuck in a sweater isn't too bad after all.

Not A Second To Waste
in which Kibum has been away for too long and every second counts.

Stupid, But Mostly Cute
in which Minho does a stupid thing for Kibum out of love.

Inevitable, Uncontrollable, Irreversible (Prologue) (1/3) (2/3) (3/3)
Kibum gets a warning from Minho but it's all too late.

Of Kids And Parental Guidance (1) (2)
Minho and Kibum prepare their kids for the arrival of their grandmother.

Of One More - side story to Of Kids And Parental Guidance
in which Minho asks for one more.

Minho is sick and Kibum tries to take care of him.

Yours, If You Have The Courage
Minho has to do more than just a clumsy confession if he wants Kibum to give him a chance.

Cake Me Away
Kibum may have been caked but he is 23 and happy.

Crazy, But Mostly Cute
in which Kibum goes a little crazy for Minho.

A Friendly Reminder
in which Minho reminds Kibum he loves him, and only him.

Forever Yours, Forever Mine
in which Minho makes sure Kibum remembers him for life.

Never Trust A Text From Last Night
in which Minho wants to ask Kibum out but needs help from everyone else including Kibum himself.

A Special Kind of Bodyguard
in which Kibum is going through a tough time and Minho is there to be his strength.

Losing Weight
in which Minho takes the weight off Kibum's mind.

Goodbye Insecurity
in which Minho wants to be the one who chases Kibum's insecurities away.

Boo- No, Woo Hoo!
in which Minho and Kibum watch a horror movie together.

Come Laze With Me
All Minho wants to do on his birthday is stay in bed with Kibum.

Nothing, It’s Something
There's nothing something interesting about Minho cross-dressing.

Bugged By Hugs
in which Kibum is bugged by the hugs Minho loves to give.

Until You Say Yes
in which it isn't that easy for Minho to ask a favour of Kibum.

The Truth Lies In Honesty
in which Kibum asks Minho for his honest opinion.

The Ball Is Round
No one knows why star basketball player Choi Minho is taking a class in Contemporary Art.

In The Paint
No one knows how star basketball player Choi Minho and Associate Professor Kim Kibum got together but their story will now be told.

Six Nights Later
in which Kibum welcomes Minho home after a week apart.

Accidentally Together
in which a car accident brings Minho and Kibum together.

Day 45
It's all about clichés on Valentine's Day.

Think Before You Cheat
in which Minho doesn't have the intention to cheat but still gets caught.

Five Doses of Vitamin Me
in which Minho tries to win Kibum over with pick-up lines.

Write, Read, Love
Gwiboon writes about their love story and leaves it to Minho to continue it for them.

Fuel to Flame
in which Kibum gets annoyed by Minho who just loves to add fuel to flame.

Pause, Rewind and Play
in which Minho forgets and Kibum remembers.

Cross That Line
in which Taemin unknowingly matchmakes his father and his teacher.

All About The Clothes
Kibum has a point to make when he chooses to dress like Minho.

Forever; At Last
in which Kibum remembers Minho through photographs.

Saturday Night View
in which Minho gets to enjoy a beautiful view on a Saturday night.

Draw Away
in which Gwiboon knows just how to draw attention away at the right time.

Work Out Make Out
Kibum and Minho have fun with a different kind of push up that involves their lips.

Temperature Changes
Kibum has to deal with heated arguments, getting the cold shoulder and a belated housewarming party.

Take Two, Action!
in which Minho and Kibum get a second chance.

When Insecurity Pays A Visit
in which the maknae gets insecure.

It All Started With A Pamphlet (The Alternate Universe series)
Taemin, a high school student, crosses path with Minho, a college student, for the very first time all because of one plain as can be pamphlet.

Up Up Here We Go
There were many reasons why Taemin loves airplane rides, but the most important one was because of a certain someone.

The Next Best Thing
Where Taemin finds the next best thing to substitute Minho when he's not around.

All Is Not Lost
Where Taemin confronts Minho when their relationship hits a rocky patch.

Some Things Are Meant To Be
Falling in love with your best friend should have been a wonderful thing. For Choi Minho, it wasn’t. But maybe, just maybe, it would be a wonderful feeling after all.

And One Of Them Is You & Me
Slice of life drabble of Minho & Taemin after they got together in Some Things Are Meant To Be.

Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?
When Minho gets a present in the form of a hot and steamy phone call on Taemin's birthday.

Sometimes You Don't Have To Try
Three times Taemin tried to make Minho feel exactly how he felt when the rapper was away filming but failed, and the one time he didn't but succeeded.

Too Much, Too Little
An insight to the different 2min moments from SWCII Taiwan, September 15th.

Of Life's Simple Pleasures
Because one simple pleasure in life is being together with a loved one.

A Quick Refresher
Where Minho reminds Taemin what it's like to be in love

A Momentary Disturbance
It takes a momentary disturbance for Taemin to realise what, or rather, who he wants in life.

Strip and Score
Everyone deserves a chance at love... even a stripper.

Love; Just Ahead
in which Minho leads Taemin in the right direction.

With Bated Breath
Taemin goes on a mission and Minho fears he won't come back alive.

Ring In The New Year
in which Taemin and Minho decide to change their relationship status in the New Year.

The Thing About The F Word
in which Taemin uses the F word in more ways than one.

Think And You Shall Receive
Jinki can't decide if he likes hearing Jonghyun's thoughts or not.

Once, Twice, Many Times More
In which Jonghyun realises he'll keep falling in love.

A Moment Of Impulse
In which a marshmallow seals Jinki's and Jonghyun's fate together.

In which Jinki keeps Jonghyun rooted, or maybe, it's the other way round.

Counting Blessings
Jonghyun is thankful to have Jinki in his life.

Like Lavender
Jonghyun is overanxious and Jinki is there to calm him down.

Hopelessly Addicted
Jinki is like a drug to Jonghyun.

In The Palm Of Your Hand
This is how they hold hands for the first time.


Explain Yourself Please; jongkey; 2min
Five members go head to head with each other when the kiss between Jonghyun and Minho happened.

If Not For Lee Jinki; jongkey(The Alternate Universe series)
Kim Jonghyun, a lyricist working in SM Entertainment, would never imagine that he would find his muse in the form of a person named Kim Kibum who studied abroad with the help of his best friend, Lee Jinki. And not only did he find his muse... he also found something else.

Colour My Monochrome Life; ontae (The Alternate Universe series)
Lee Jinki's life as an architect was dull. With his hectic work schedules, all he did was complete one project after another but that didn't mean he wasn't happy. He was, but when a certain Lee Taemin stepped into his life, he realised he could be so much happier.

Leader Knows Best; onkey
How to appease a jealous Kim Kibum by Lee Jinki

There's Always Room For One More; 2minkey
In which Minho and Key fall in love for the second time.

A Double Of Everything; 2minkey
It's double the trouble, double the fun and Minho won't have it any other way.

Happy in Bed; 2minkey
Kibum, Minho, Taemin have a picture perfect moment on their new bed.

How To Recover From A Food Coma; 2minkey
in which Minho finds out the best way to help his boyfriends recover from a food coma.

Of Heavy Hearts And Imperfections (series of angst drabbles)

The Anniversary; broken!taekey; hinted!minkey
In which Kibum forgets but remembers while Taemin just forgets.

Euphoria; jongkey
In which Jonghyun is the worst drug for Kibum.

Reality; Jonghyun Centric
In which Jonghyun gets what he deserves

Heartbreak; broken!jongyu
In which Jinki does more than is required as Jonghyun's tutor.

The End; broken!jongkey
In which it hurts to let go, but sometimes, it hurts more to hold on.

Magic Words; ontae
in which Taemin says thank you to Onew... Taemin style.

No U-turn Ahead; jongtae
in which Taemin realises there's only one direction that his relationship with Jonghyun can go.

Fret Not; jongtae
in which Jonghyun misses his son's graduation ceremony.

Hugs and More; jongho
in which celebrations are in order after Jonghyun's 1st win.

Turn On, Turn Off; onho
in which Minho shares his idea of sexy with Jinki.

Yours and His; onminkey
Minho wants Kibum to meet the third party in their relationship.

Your Schedule Today; minyul
There are many things that Kwon Yuri has to cope with as CEO of a leading clothing company but watching her secretary fumble around shouldn't be one of them.

Good Luck Jinki; onsica
in which Onew considers if he was lucky in love.

Love, In A Nutshell; onsica
Love should be this simple, this sweet and it's verything Onew and Jessica treasure.

Walk Straight To Find Love; taezy
In which a corridor leads Suzy to find love in the form of Lee Taemin.

Look Up To Find Love; taezy
Sequel to Walk Straight To Find Love, Taemin's point of view.

A Heart Stopping Moment; taezy
The day Suzy heard the four words any one in a relationship would dread hearing.

Shades of Red; taezy
In which Suzy is a fangirl and Taemin springs a surprise visit to her dorm.

Words That Start With T; taezy
In which Taemin, Suzy and Kai are caught in a love triangle.

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