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Work Out Make Out; Minho/Key

Kibum and Minho have fun with a different kind of push up that involves their lips.

Author's Note: for this genius prompt! also inspired by this fanaccount. i had a lot of fun with this one and i hope you do too. thanks for finding your way here and as usual, happy reading! ^^

5 more minutes.

Just 5 more minutes on the treadmill and Kibum will call it a day at the gym.

It’s a miracle that he is even here with Minho bearing in mind he’s only surviving on a few hours of sleep and had a 12 hour work day. Kibum thinks he has gone mad. They both have. Who in the right mind would choose to exercise at 1 in the morning over getting a good night’s sleep? Clearly, considering how they’re the only two people in the gym, only Minho and he aren’t thinking straight.

It’s no surprise that Minho is the reason why Kibum is actually making the effort to exercise. Even if it’s just a 30 minute workout, Minho said, you’ll be healthy; and that’s what convinced Kibum to follow Minho to the gym. Don’t get him wrong though. Kibum isn’t exercising because he wants to have a healthy lifestyle. Minho may be right about the health benefits of regular exercise but Kibum just wants to prove his own point that exercising when you’re sleep deprived and exhausted from working long hours can’t possibly do your body any good. Right now, judging on how hard he is breathing, Kibum quickly decides he has proven his point – he would die if he exercised.

The 5 minutes isn’t over but Kibum has had enough. He reduces the speed on the treadmill and slows down his pace before he finally steps off the machine, both relieved and happy.

But of course, the moment his feet touch the floor, a voice calls out from behind.


“What?!” Trying to catch his breath, Kibum snaps as he turns back and shoots a glare at Minho.

While he chose to run on the treadmill, Minho had been working to strengthen and tone his upper body by doing push-ups on the exercise mats that cover an area of the gym floor.

Holding his body up, Minho remains in his push-up position and asks, “Why’d you stop?”

“Because I just don’t feel like running anymore?” Kibum answers, walking towards Minho where he spots a water bottle, “I feel like I’m dying.”

“You’ve only been on the treadmill for 10 minutes.” Minho points out his observation rather amusedly as he continues doing more push-ups.

“And?” Kibum casually picks Minho’s water bottle up and quenches his thirst.

Minho straightens his arms and lets out a breath as he looks at Kibum disappointedly.


“Never mind about me, just continue your workout.” Kibum waves Minho off and settles down on the exercise mats, making sure to leave a good amount of space between Minho and him, “I’ll just lie here and wait for you to be done.”

Minho pushes himself off the ground, going on his knees, before he sits down with his legs stretched out in front of him.

“10 minutes of running doesn’t do much, you know?”

Kibum really doesn’t know why Minho still bothers to try.

He turns his head to the side and faces Minho, “Do I look like I’m here for the same reason as you?”

“I’m guessing no?”

Minho should have known not to get too happy when Kibum appeared in his workout clothes and followed him out of their dorm.

Kibum clicks his tongue, “Exactly.”

Minho sighs, “Oh come on, Kibummie, since you’re already here and even did a bit of cardio, you might as well just continue with some toning exercises…”

Kibum doesn’t even pause to consider Minho’s suggestion and flat out rejects him.

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

Minho is left feeling deflated, sticking his bottom lip out unhappily as he stares at Kibum who is looking a little too comfortable lying on the exercise mats. However, it only lasts a short moment because an idea suddenly hits him.

“How about the sound of me under you then?” Minho questions like he’s asking about the weather, “You like that right?”

“What does that have to do with this?” Kibum raises an eyebrow, trying not to look interested but failing to hide his curiosity about where Minho is going with this.

Minho’s lips curl upwards. Kibum’s question is enough for him to know that his bandmate has already taken the bait. And so, Minho reaches out to tug on Kibum’s wrist, pulling him up and forward the same time he leans back and lies down.

“Get on top of me.”

Kibum can’t really say no to that. Without putting up a fight, Kibum allows Minho to pull him above him and ends up having no other choice but to straddle Minho’s body.

“Now what?” Kibum asks, his hands on Minho’s chest, growing amused at the situation.

Minho smirks as he moves Kibum’s hands one by one to either side of his face. Once that’s done, he then nudges Kibum’s knees backwards, sliding them down against the mat and naturally forcing him to straighten his legs.

It’s when he’s somewhat on all fours and lifting his weight off Minho that Kibum finally realises what the rapper is trying to do.

“I am so not going to do-”

One hand firmly on Kibum’s back, Minho does a half sit-up and successfully shuts him up with a kiss.

“-push ups.”

Kibum manages to finish his sentence once their lips part, albeit a little stunned by Minho’s unexpected kiss.

“What are you waiting for?” Lying back down, Minho grins as he looks up at Kibum, “Get into position and give me 10.”

“Did you not hear me?” Kibum narrows his eyes at Minho.

“How about 5 then?”

“Choi Minho.”

“You’re not exactly trying to move off me, now aren’t you?”

Kibum lets out a sarcastic laugh and rolls his eyes. Minho expects him to move away the next second but what Kibum does next takes him by surprise. He almost has to rub his eyes to make sure he isn’t seeing things when Kibum gets into a proper push-up position.

Well, two can play at this game and Kibum is more than happy to show Minho how it’s done.

“One…” Kibum goes down and kisses Minho lightly, so light that it feels as if their lips barely touched.

“Two.” He counts out loud and punctuates the second push-up with a loud kiss.

Minho smirks as he watches Kibum push himself up.

“Three.” Kibum smiles, lowering his body again and pressing his lips perfectly against Minho’s, but this time, he doesn’t push away from the ground.

In fact, Kibum doesn’t even hold his body up and happily lets Minho bear all of his weight with their lips still pressed tightly together.

“Mmhm?!” Minho’s eyes widen as he struggles under Kibum’s weight, “Mmm mm mmm!”

Minho tries to speak but it’s pointless when all he can do is hum. Still refusing to move away, Kibum’s smile grows wider against Minho’s lips, his eyes sparkling with mischief at how helpless Minho has become. Just to make things more fun, Kibum even playfully moves his head about, controlling Minho’s movement too as their lips remain glued together.

“Get up…“ Minho manages to part his lips just enough for his tongue to move and pronounce the words in a muffled voice.

Holding back a laugh, Kibum does the same, “No energy.”

Before Minho can use his strength to turn things (them) around, Kibum finally releases his lips and rolls off him, moving to lie beside Minho instead as he bursts out laughing.

“You should have seen your face!” Kibum lets out his signature cackle before mumbling to himself, “Cute. So cute.”

“It isn’t even that funny, Kibum…” Minho isn’t laughing at all.

“Why so serious?” Kibum quips.

Minho is just about to let out a huge sigh when Kibum suddenly sits up and sends him a playful wink complete with that teasing smirk of his.

“Wanna switch places?”

Minho thinks that that’s the best thing Kibum has said all night. And well, even if it messes up his usual workout routine, he is more than willing to make some changes for Kibum.

“Are you expecting me to say no to that?”

Kibum simply smiles and lies back down as a reply.

Laughing as they get into position, Minho can’t help but wonder if Kibum knows what he has gotten himself into. It’s too late for regrets though. Minho has only about 30 push-ups left to do out of his usual target of 200 but Kibum doesn’t need to know that.

He’ll gladly do another 100… or maybe, considering his stamina, just until Kibum pushes him away.

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