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Draw Away; Minho/Gwiboon

in which Gwiboon knows just how to draw attention away at the right time.

Author's Note: gosh i feel horrid because i probably took (at least) a month to finally write this prompt. i loved it and was so excited to write but life got in the way and i couldn't work on it. :( when i first saw this though, i planned to write it exactly like the prompt but this happened and i couldn’t help but write het!minkey (with Gwiboon) instead. hopefully it'll be an enjoyable read~ happy reading everyone!! ≧▽≦

oppa, where are we going for dinner later?

You’re supposed to be working, Boonie. Not thinking about dinner.

oh please, work ends in 5 mins!

We shouldn’t even be texting.

but you’re replying me~

As expected, Gwiboon doesn’t get a reply after that. The twenty three year old knows she’s probably asking for it as soon as she sends the message but she still can’t resist teasing her boyfriend who happens to be working in the same office as her. An office romance isn’t something she wants but since it’s just a part-time job (actually, it’s more because her boyfriend is too cute to resist), she chooses to make an exception.

Keeping her eyes on the general area of her desk, Gwiboon fiddles with her phone under her table and waits for a couple more seconds before she glances towards the left where her male supervisor sits a few desks away. As if knowing that someone’s attention is on him, her supervisor looks up and naturally meets Gwiboon’s eyes. Just as he catches a glint of mischief in her eyes, Gwiboon purses her lips and daringly sends a flying kiss in his direction as swiftly but discreetly as she can. The flirty action happens so fast that no one else in the office notices her public display of affection. However, the way her supervisor suddenly jerks up in his seat and turns red in the face manages to momentarily distract some of their co-workers from their last minute work.

Didn’t she mention that her boyfriend is too cute to resist? Well, it still holds true even after months of dating in secret. Gwiboon instantly looks down to hide her laugh and forces herself to put on her usual default expression which her friends call her “bitch face”. Yet, it only lasts for a couple of seconds. She ends up giggling to herself the moment she receives a new message on her phone.

You little minx.
How dare you.

i thought you said we shouldn’t be texting? ^^

It’s after 6.

Gwiboon takes a quick look at the time displayed at the top of her phone and smirks.

what are we waiting for then? let’s get out of here.

You leave first. I’ll pick you up a block away?

why do I always have to be the one who walks?

Sorry love, but I’m the one who drives.

fine, but jsyk, i don’t like this, oppa.

Gwiboon means it. This is the very reason why she doesn’t do office romance, especially if she’s dating her supervisor. True, she can’t deny that it’s nice being in the same office as him but it’s still a challenge having to keep their relationship under wraps for reasons that would protect her boyfriend’s position at work. As much as Gwiboon is willing to be his secret, she will not hide her displeasure when she’s unhappy.

After sending the text, Gwiboon puts her phone aside and goes on to check her email inbox one final time. Thankfully, there aren’t any urgent matters to attend to and so, she shuts down her computer and begins tidying her desk. When she’s ready to leave, Gwiboon peeks at her boyfriend to make sure that he knows she’s about to make a move (and he should too). However, the moment she looks across to his desk, a frown forms on her sharp features.

It looks like her boyfriend is going to be held up.

There, she sees Tiffany, the supervisor of another department but also one of her closer friends in the office, chatting animatedly, and if Gwiboon may add, rather loudly with her boyfriend. There may be a little distance between them but Gwiboon can pick up bits and pieces of their conversation with the way Tiffany can’t control the volume of her voice as she gets more excited talking about who she apparently thinks is the perfect match for Gwiboon’s boyfriend.

“Minho, I’m telling you, you’ll like her! A lot! She’s perfect for you.”

At those words, Gwiboon narrows her eyes at a random spot on her table as she focuses on listening in on their conversation.

“Noona…” Minho smiles helplessly, not knowing how to turn his friend’s good intentions down, “I really don’t think-”

“How would you know when you haven’t even met her yet?” Tiffany crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow at her favourite co-worker.

“But Noona, didn’t you say you only met her recently too?” Minho retorts, looking both amused and confused at the same time, “She only just joined your department today right?”

“If you’re worried about dating a colleague…”

“That’s not it,” Minho instantly shakes his head, naturally looking towards Gwiboon and when he realises his girlfriend’s eyes are on him, he gulps nervously, “I just-”

“Want to be a virgin forever?”

Minho’s eyes widen at Tiffany’s choice of words, “Noona!”

Tiffany hides a giggle behind her hand, “What? Am I not right?”

Uncomfortable with responding to that question because Tiffany certainly does not need to know how healthily active he is in the bedroom with Gwiboon, Minho falls silent. His silence, however, is taken the wrong way.

“Minho yah, you really need to go out more… you know, put yourself out there and be open to dating. Don’t just keep going home after work.” Tiffany advises with a smile, “Look at you, you’re good-looking, charming and such a nice person… there are so many girls who would love to date you and I’m sure Eunsook would be happy to get to know you too. If you would just-”

“Tiffany unnie!”

Both Tiffany and Minho turn towards Gwiboon who has suddenly come to join them at Minho’s work space without them noticing.

“What’s got you so excited?” Gwiboon asks with an innocent smile as if she doesn’t know what they have been talking about, “Is there some juicy gossip I should know about?”

“Oh Gwiboonie…” Tiffany laughs and shakes her head, “We’re not gossiping… I’m just trying to get your supervisor to go out with this lovely girl who-”

Gwiboon interrupts Tiffany with a dramatic gasp as she covers her mouth and puts on a scandalized look.

“What?” Tiffany asks.

Minho frowns, “Are you alright?”

It’s not just Tiffany who grows concerned, albeit more curious than anything else, at Gwiboon’s unexpected reaction. Minho, too, is feeling a little worried with the expression on Gwiboon’s face even when he can tell she’s almost surely exaggerating and definitely up to no good.

As sudden as her gasp was, Gwiboon quickly smiles, shaking her head at Minho before she tugs on Tiffany’s arm and pulls her aside, leaving her supervisor alone at his desk looking both confused and relieved at the same time.

“What is it, Gwiboon?” Tiffany questions as she is brought towards Gwiboon’s desk.

Gwiboon steps closer to Tiffany and whispers in a volume only the two of them can hear (much to Minho’s dissatisfaction).

‘Don’t you know, Unnie?” Gwiboon begins but pauses for a moment just to build up the suspense when she reveals, “Minho doesn’t like women…”

“What do you mean?” Tiffany looks at her friend surprised.

“Minho’s gay.”

Gwiboon can almost hear dramatic music playing in the background.

“You’re kidding.”

Tiffany looks so taken aback by the revelation that Gwiboon has to force herself to keep a straight expression as she earnestly shakes her head.

Understanding dawns on Tiffany while she pieces everything together.

“Is that why he…” Tiffany thinks out loud but doesn’t complete her sentence when Gwiboon gives her a pointed look.

“Mmhmm,” Gwiboon hums before she says, “I thought it was obvious, Unnie.”

“But Minho really doesn’t look-”

“He is.” Gwiboon interrupts with a note of finality, having run out of patience to convince Tiffany of her lie, “Anyway, Unnie, I’m pretty sure Minho’s taken already so…”

With a smile, Gwiboon slings her handbag on her shoulder before patting Tiffany on her arm.

“Leave him alone.” Gwiboon says (warns) in a friendly tone with a smile so sweet and yet it sends chills down Tiffany’s spine, “Alright! It’s getting late, I’m off! See you tomorrow, Unnie~”

As she says goodbye, Gwiboon purposely raises her volume just enough to make sure it’s within Minho’s earshot. Their eyes meet for a brief second before Gwiboon finally leaves the office like she was supposed to before Tiffany came along.

Ten minutes later, Gwiboon is where she should be, alone with Minho in his car as he drives them to the restaurant where he has made dinner reservations, steering the wheel with one hand. His other hand is held by Gwiboon and their interlocked hands are resting on her lap.

“I thought you’d be angry…” Minho ponders out loud.

Gwiboon smiles, “But I’m not.”

“Irritated?” Minho asks.

“That depends if it’s with you or Tiffany unnie.”


“Then yes.” Gwiboon replies as she uses her free hand to pinch Minho hard on his cheek, “I’m always annoyed by you and your lack of ability to turn someone down.”

“Ow ow ow…” Minho winces in pain and pouts, “Not so hard, Boonie.”

“Then stop being so nice, Choi Minho.” Gwiboon huffs as she takes back her hand.

“I can’t help it.”

Minho looks honestly troubled that Gwiboon softens up.


“How did you do it then?”

“Do what?”

“Stop Tiffany noona from trying to set me up?”

Gwiboon bites her bottom lip to suppress a laugh.

“Trust me, dear, you wouldn’t want to know.”

“Gwiboon…” Minho sighs, confirming his bad feeling about this, “What did you tell her?”

“Something that guarantees you’re mine, and only mine…”

Gwiboon leans forward and presses a kiss on the corner of Minho’s lips before she cheekily pokes her tongue out just a little and licks him like a kitten to tease (but mostly distract) her boyfriend that necessary bit more.

“Gwiboon!” There’s a tinge of red on Minho’s cheeks as he gasps, “I’m driving!”

“Oops?” Gwiboon giggles, going back to her rightful place and even releasing Minho’s other hand so he can drive properly, “You better concentrate then.”

“Don’t think I’m letting this go so easily…” Minho mutters a warning, two hands now on the wheel.

Gwiboon simply shrugs and gives Minho a bright smile. She has no intention to hide anything from her boyfriend anyway. The only reason why she’s not telling him right now is because she doesn’t want them to get into an accident. God knows how Minho would react once he finds out his girlfriend has turned him supposedly gay.

People always say that the best things in life are free. Gwiboon believes it’s true because Minho’s reaction will certainly be one of them. On second thought, she thinks it will be priceless.

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